4th International Symposium on Insects


Dear delegates,
We are deeply sorry to announce that the ISOI2020 needs to be postponed due to the unforeseen spread of COVID19 that we are facing right now. This is a hard decision for us, considering that the symposium is supposed to launched in 10 days.
However, the decision to postpone the symposium was made on several basis : (1) The current increasing of COVID19 cases in Malaysia and WHO has declared it as pandemic disease, (2) survey among participant with 70.1% voted to postpone the symposium, (3) Most of the institutions and universities have strongly encouraged to cancel massive gathering (termed as meetings with more than 30 persons).
However, please bear with us on this. We pledge to resume the symposium back within this year after the COVID 19 situation improves for the better. We hope to meet all of you in the next symposium. For the time being, please make the necessary cancellation action regarding to this symposium.
We are truly sorry for the postponing of the symposium. However, we believe this is a necessary step to prevent the spread of COVID19 and for the safety of all.
Our deepest apologies on the matter,
President of ISOI202

Our vision

The Entomological Society of Malaysia (ENTOMA) is recognized as the centre of excellence in sharing and exchanging knowledge for the development and advancement of education and research in Malaysia and abroad.

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Promoting entomological knowledge to the public through close collaboration with local and international entomologists, universities, government agencies, schools, related private sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


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