Every year on May 22, the International Day for Biological Diversity 2021 is celebrated to raise awareness about biodiversity issues. The United Nations declared World Biodiversity Day, also known as World Biodiversity Day. Biodiversity is a global asset because it is the foundation of civilization. Even though technological advancements are at an all-time high, humans are still reliant on the ecosystem, which they should never disregard. It is the foundation for nature-based solutions for humanity; thus, saving biodiversity should be our responsibility as humans to be responsible towards the environment and save animals from extinction.

Our vision

The Entomological Society of Malaysia (ENTOMA) is recognized as the centre of excellence in sharing and exchanging knowledge for the development and advancement of education and research in Malaysia and abroad.

Our mission

Promoting entomological knowledge to the public through close collaboration with local and international entomologists, universities, government agencies, schools, related private sector and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).


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