International Biodiversity Day 2021

INTERNATIONAL BIODIVERSITY DAY 2021 Every year on May 22, the International Day for Biological Diversity 2021 is celebrated to raise awareness about biodiversity issues. The United Nations declared World Biodiversity Day, also known as World Biodiversity Day. Biodiversity is a global asset because it is the foundation of civilization. Even though technological advancements are at an […]


CIS WEBINAR SERIES 2/2021 We are delighted to invite you to the second CIS webinar series in 2021. Title: “Exploring the Diversity of Insect Venom Systems” Speaker: Dr. Andrew Walker, (University of Queensland, Australia) Date: 28th May 2021 (Friday) Time: 10.00 am (GMT+8; Kuala Lumpur) Platform: 1. Zoom link: Meeting ID: 992 5202 1132 Passcode: […]